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Think Arabic, write Arabic.

Allanzcom’s Arabic ghostwriting services

Our ghostwriting services are bilingual. We ghostwrite in English, and we also pride ourselves in offering Arabic ghostwriting services. We have over 10 years of Arabic ghostwriting experience that includes writing books, speeches, e-books, and even health and well-being books in Arabic.

Arabic is a very beautiful language, and this is why we hold this language close to our hearts, and we give it the value it deserves by thinking in Arabic. This means we do not translate books word by word, or write Arabic books while thinking in a different language, instead, we create original content in Arabic to convey the right message to your audience. We keep the content localized too, to make sure it resonates with your readers.

Our ghostwriting process

  • Getting to Know You Call
  • Detailed Questionnaire
  • Meet Your Writer
  • Publishing Goals Discussion
  • Research and Preparation
  • Initial Strategy and Outline
  • Writing Stage
  • Revision Stage
  • Book Design
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Final Book Review
  • Publishing Support and Consultation

Our Arabic ghostwriting packages

We are a remote agency, we work with clients from around the world, and we offer Arabic ghostwriting packages that meet your specific needs.

Ghostwriting packages include books, e-books, content projects, speeches, and blogs. We offer writing from scratch, localizing your content, or just running a heavy editing and proofreading process.

Our Arabic ghostwriting prices

We offer different Arabic ghostwriting packages according to your budget and requirements; our e-book writing projects start at only $3,000, and a book writing service will start at only $15,000.


We deliver high-quality Arabic ghostwriting service that matches your requirements, and one that makes you a proud author.


We extended our Arabic ghostwriting services and added design, audio books, and digital marketing services.  Our design services include: book cover design, illustrations, book format, layout, and bookmarks. Our creative team of ghostwriters and designers will work closely with you to make sure the design reflects your content.

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