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We offer ghostwriting services for NGOs, companies, and individuals in Jordan who wish to document their success stories in books, or wish to produce online content such as e-books and blogs.

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Allanzcom’s Process

Our process starts with a call to understand your project, and for you to connect with the ghostwriter. Then we will draft your content strategy and book outline, and from there we will together set a timeline that best meets your goals.

The process for ghostwriting a book is different from writing an e-book or a blog, in terms of execution, design, and timeline. And our professional versatile writers will help you decide the best approach according to the content writing project you choose. So, no matter which of our ghostwriting services in Jordan you choose, you will be receiving a high-quality ghostwriting service.

What we write about

We cover a variety of areas, we write for individuals who look to share their inspiring stories with the world, and we also ghostwrite for corporates, governments, and NGOs. So, if you are an NGO in Jordan looking to write your success stories about the difference you make through your implemented programs in Jordan, the MENA region, and around the world, we are more than happy to help you with concepts, reaching out to beneficiaries, interviewing them, and writing their success stories.

We also write speeches for any occasion to help you grab your audience’s attention and connect with them.

However, if what you are looking for is content for your website, our team of content writing experts will do the web content and blog writing for you, and depending on your package, our industry-focused blogs may include SEO integration.


We believe in delivering premium content and that is why before executing any content writing project in Jordan, we make sure we have “the talk”. We will set things right from the start, and help you decide on the execution strategy.


Our ghostwriting services in Jordan include more than the writing, our ghostwriters help guide the authors on the direction of the story. To complement our content writing solutions, we offer digital marketing, audiobooks, and design services – book cover design, illustrations, book format, outline, layout, and bookmarks. Our professional team of writers and designers will work together with our clients in Jordan to make sure the design speaks the same language as the content.

You want to promote yourself as an author? We develop and design websites to promote you!

Let’s make some noise!

We love working with ambitious brands to deliver experiences that make a difference. We would love to hear about a problem you are trying to solve or if you want to bring something new into the market.

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