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Every brand has a story to tell; a story of how it all began, how it functions, its highs and lows, how it brings about change and ultimately, a story on how it touches human lives. Brands have used storytelling throughout history, and here, we will share with you 3 examples of brands that used brand storytelling to connect with people and touch lives.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling is the art of shaping a company’s identity by using narratives that create an emotional response and establish meaningful connections.

Here are three inspiring examples of brand storytelling that sparked change:

Example 1 – Nike: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.

*If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nike has a mission; it aims to bring inspiration and innovation to athletes. It believes that if one has a body, one is an athlete. This is what makes Nike click even among the not-so-athletic. The mission it has undertaken for itself has created tons of real-life, and passion-driven stories. These act as reasons for people to buy the brand and stay loyal. Right from how it helps kids get active and girls get moving, to creating impact across the world by collaborating with 60+ organizations, Nike always uses brand storytelling to make people listen, and to achieve its mission. It has a community growing larger by the day.

Isn’t it fantastic for a brand to bring about humanity, without focusing solely on products and making profits?  Nike stands out in this human aspect and thus stands out as the best.

How is your brand bringing about change? Let us talk about ‘change’. Not just any change, but a ‘change for the better’.

Example 2 – Tesla: to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy

No one likes the idea of toxic gases passing through their windpipe with every single breath they take, but everyone wants to drive a car. And thus, Tesla was created! Do you see the human facet here? People are driven towards cleaner energy alternatives, and Tesla is one of the viable options they see for a better future and a cleaner environment. See how brand storytelling works, starting from the mission statement!

This is what a story can do to your brand. Actually, not just to your brand, but to the very idea of your brand! How?

Example 3 – Bitcoin: this is not a brand.

This is not a brand, but a story of a brand-like idea, a concept. This is a story of growing from buying two pizzas for 10K BTC to its all-time-high of $19,783 for a single bitcoin, remarkable! Its idea of having a decentralized digital currency as an alternative to fiat currency which is controlled by governments is the human ingredient in its dish. Apart from its other benefits such as security and transparency, the idea of the freedom it provides gets people investing in it and holding…sorry, HODLing it. This is one of the best examples of brand storytelling, not by its creators but by the people who believe and invest in it!

As you can see here, the stories of Nike, Tesla, and Bitcoin have one thing in common, their success stories are about how they bring about change and impact human lives. And thus, their loyal people became their brand ambassadors.

Storytelling has always found a place in human lives. So why not use it to voice out your brand? In a world where people have so many options in every niche, your story could put you above your competitors, it could be your differentiator to draw customers and convert sales. But for that to happen, you have to leverage the strategy of brand storytelling in a compelling manner.

4 Tips for your brand storytelling strategy:

  • Your brand story script
  • The elements that appeal to people
  • The empathy your story creates
  • The reaction your story triggers

This strategic technique of brand storytelling creates the voice of your brand, and gives your story a direction. Your story should be credible without any element of fiction. People love credibility and might never come to you again if they get to know you lured them.

People need change and betterment in their lives, so when you start out on a story for your brand, let it be more about your customers and the people you help directly or indirectly, and only a little about you.

Share your short story/script with us, we will give you a free review.

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