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Looking for a ghostwriting service in UAE?

With us, find your ghostwriter, connect, and start writing your dream book!

Our ghostwriting service in UAE

We provide ghostwriting services for a wide range of industries, we cover ghostwriting for individuals in the UAE who want to share their knowledge or publish their success story. We also write for businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any emirate, whether they are looking for web content, blogs, speeches, or e-books.

Allanzcom’s ghostwriting process in UAE

First step in our ghostwriting process is the “getting to know you” call, we will contact you to discuss your project and your end goal. Then, you will connect with your ghostwriter, who will help you with authoring the book, the outline, and your content strategy. And we will send you a questionnaire to get your project’s specifications.

The ghostwriting timeline for a book is different from writing a blog, an e-book, or a book. Our professional ghostwriters and copywriters have a diverse writing experience, and providing you with a high-standard ghostwriting service is our top priority.

Areas we cover in our content writing service

We cover a wide range of areas, we write speeches for your next upcoming event, we write game narratives, we ghostwrite your book to present your story in the best way possible, and we ghostwrite e-books and blogs.

If you are only looking to get your content written for your website, our team of content writers will write your website content and blogs, and if you add a Search Engine Optimization package, we will provide you with industry-focused blogs that are SEO friendly.

Delivery of our ghostwriting service

It is our promise to you that we deliver top quality content. So, before executing the project we make sure we both have “the talk”, where we discuss your end goal.


Allanzcom’s ghostwriting service in UAE does not only include the writing, but we also provide audiobooks, digital marketing, and design services for your content. If you choose one of our book or e-book writing services in UAE, you can include in your package a book cover design, illustrations, writing format, book layout, and bookmarks design.

Our team of professional writers and designers will work with our clients in the UAE to make sure the design and content are aligned with their goals.

We also develop and design user-friendly websites to promote you as an author!

Check out our Arabic Ghostwriting Services.

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