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Ramadan is here and this year is way… way different from any other year, it is quarantine time, pandemic threat. All of your regular traditions during this blessed month have changed, from going out to buying last minute groceries, such as humus from your favorite shop. In addition to other traditions like waiting in the bakery line for your warm “Qatayef”, while watching the man making them on his big flat griller. And don’t forget the fresh “Tamr Hindi” and “Amar el Deen” drinks; the most popular drinks on the Iftar table. Those from many to mention are not going to be the same this Ramadan, but I am here to help you come up with ideas to make this month more delightful, while still keeping its flavor.

1. Dress up for Iftar

Bring out your best outfit from the closet, wear that Kaftan that you spent half of your salary on. Who said staying at home means you can’t look your best, since we can’t visit our relatives, and friends to have Iftar together. So, let’s dress up and tell your favorite cousin to dress up as well.Then, let’s take some pictures to share it on the family group on Whatsapp.

2. Look at the bright side

You don’t have to deal with so many people during this month, so you won’t be driving in traffic while hearing the car next to you horn like there is no tomorrow. You won’t be rushing back home after work to cook, prepare the Iftar table, clean, and stay sane till Iftar time. Inviting people over is a tradition during Ramadan, and it can be joyful but not when you have to invite unpleasant people. Also, do you remember that one person with a bad breath all the time? Yep, they are gone.

3. Missing playing games with your gang?

No problemo amigo/a, the internet got you covered! You can download games from your App store, try looking for games that have multiple players. You will all save up a lot of money, no more inconceivable entrance fees, and you are also getting a break from smoking areas. You can simply set the mood you are in, no one is there to tell you: “No my ex goes to that place so we are not going there!” or “I’m on my way” when they didn’t even leave the house. Choose your own setting and enjoy your games!

4. No excuses

Time. Time. Time. That was our biggest problem before quarantine. Now, you can start managing your time and fill it with numerous activities. Bring out that chef who was eager to cook new dishes, or that artist who wants to play with colors, start your own DIY project that you have been postponing. Quarantine and Ramadan both can give us time to pay attention to ourselves.

5. Seek help

Last but not least, during this tough time we all need help and emotional support, so never feel bad for asking help from your family, friends, or from your online therapist. We are living during overwhelming days, especially that it’s Ramadan as well, so let’s try to be loving and kind to one another. This will pass, and we all hope we can get back to our normal lives sooner than ever, but until then just relax, enjoy the ride, stay safe, and happy Ramadan.
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