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Jeff Bezos said, asking the question as to what is not going to change in the next ten years is important, rather than asking as to what will change. This question is of utmost importance in a field like digital marketing. Digital Marketing is growing by the minute, what was new yesterday seems already outdated today. So, what will stand the test of time in such a fast-paced field? Let’s find out more about the digital marketing trends in 2020.

2020 has given birth to new marketing ideas, but a few of them are sure to stay in the long run. Getting a grasp on these trends will surely help you grow your business, whether you own a digital marketing agency, or you are just starting out in this field. Here they are, five of the essentials in digital marketing in 2020.


Yes, they are here to stay. So, what is it about them?

Having a chatbot in your team is as essential as having a customer support. A chatbot not just analyses your customer’s requests and provides assistance, it stores the requests in its database which helps you analyse the kind of support your customers frequently ask for, and thereby it allows you to address the issue. Also, chatbots personalize the specifics for your customers, which brings us to another important trend…

Personalized Customer Experience

Everyone likes to get what they want, rather than what you want to give them. So, personalization is important, especially in ecommerce. One of the best examples of personalization in online marketing is Amazon, its chatbot integrates personalization. Amazon’s product suggestions to customers are tailored to their user behaviour, thereby giving people value, flexibility, and a unique customer experience.

For both online marketing and email marketing, personalization builds better connections with your customers and makes them come back for more. Once you have enhanced the personalized customer experience, how do you increase the traffic for more conversions?

Shoppable Posts

Using shoppable posts on Instagram is one the easiest methods to drive traffic to your website. If you are into online marketing, or even run a digital marketing agency, shoppable posts help you to seamlessly showcase your products and services. This is a platform that has over a billion monthly active users, use that for your advantage.

What’s more, since Instagram uses algorithms to drive similar posts to what people mostly view and like, it acts as a personalized platform for their needs. For example, if a user viewed posts related to fitness accessories, shoppable posts related to fitness accessories are suggested making it more personalized for the user and more targeted for the seller.

Please tell us in the comments how you advertise.

Video Marketing

This isn’t new, but this is surely a growing trend in 2020. Creating videos for your products not just shows your product, but it helps your customers to understand what it is about, how to use it, and it answers many other questions that a simple image cannot. This is yet another irreplaceable digital marketing technique.

What makes it more interesting is the fact that if used effectively upfront, such as in landing pages or home pages, it makes the customer delve deeper into your website or blog. It acts as a hook that makes the customer come back for more. Also, here is a secret: search engines view neatly designed videos along with appropriate meta-description tags as high-quality content, thereby placing you above the rest.

And our last vital trend…

Content Marketing

If people can buy your words, they are more likely to buy your products as well. Producing content has been happening for ages, this makes it crucial to produce high quality optimized content. People search for value, looking out for answers to their daily problems. And brands having their own blogs have shown to build a loyal customer base, and increase customer retention rate.

Content marketing in the form of blogs which tell stories about your brand’s success, its values and its growth, builds lasting relationships with the reader. Getting to know about the human aspect of your brand has a tendency to get the reader to become your customer.

So, the next time you think of using long-lasting and effective digital marketing techniques in your digital marketing agency or your business, keep in mind to get your hands on the above trends. These are here to stay!

If you have more examples of effective digital marketing tools trending, please share with us.

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