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“How to choose the right digital marketing agency” you asked, here is our answer:

“We can do it all, no matter what your requirements are!” One of the most common responses you will hear from most marketing agencies when you’re searching for a company to handle your website development, design, branding or marketing. You will be torn between the many suggested choices you have by family, friends and even google, how do you choose the best creative agency for you? The agency who will be true to your vision and make your business easier? 

Below are a few tips shared by our creative team to help you pick the right agency for you, and we are totally okay (kind of) with the fact that it might not be us!

A creative agency that has a gifted team

Your life will be much easier when you find THE team to turn your dream project into reality, the team that has a full understanding of your business. A creative digital agency should have a high level of expertise in all aspects of design, marketing, branding, development, and coding. 

An agency that delivers a fascinating proposal

Agencies nowadays go way and beyond to impress you with flashy videos, this is fabulous don’t get us wrong, but this is not the most important thing about the proposal.

A proposal should outline the prices of services, no hidden charges or surprising fees that were written in small letters, or not written at all! The business proposal should be customized for the work the digital agency will handle for you.

Check here for some marketing proposal templates.

Your chosen digital agency should set realistic expectations

If an agency says yes to all of your ideas from deadlines and budgets without clearly understanding or asking about what’s involved, watch out! It means they didn’t understand the full scope of the project, or even worse, they are just saying whatever you need to hear, without bothering to give recommendations and advice.

Usually, digital and content agencies will not be fully aware of the cost of your project no matter how big it is until they dig into strategy and research, and understand the scope of your business.

Don’t you rather hear all the realistic outlines than just hear what you want to hear and deal with false promises further on? 

The creative agency must understand your needs 

According to point 3, we now know for a fact that for an agency to be outstanding, it must fully understand your needs and challenges for your coming project to set realistic expectations and recommendations. By now, the agency should look deeper into what you need from branding and marketing. Not only delivering a gigantic proposal with a gigantic budget, without understanding your business objectives. Your marketing agency should ask the right questions to understand the goals behind your marketing campaigns and to be able to set and measure the right KPIs.

Even if the agency is unfamiliar with your industry, that should never be an obstacle as research should always be part of the process. The right digital studio should understand what types of problems you face with your marketing and be able to articulate that from the beginning.

The right agency will make a great first impression 

First impressions don’t apply only in relationships but in business relationships as well, yes!! You want an agency that has a killer website, because a website is the front face of the agency, and frankly speaking they will be working on important aspects of your business.

Do your research well and ask around, take some time to determine if testimonials were based on individual experiences or else. You and your agency should be able to communicate openly and honestly with each other – that allows an easy flow of ideas. 

If you are still looking for the right digital marketing agency, contact us at Allanzcom. We are passionate about finding branding, marketing and web & app development solutions for your business.

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