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What we offer

At Allanzcom, we offer mobile app and web app development services. We design and build the application in the best way that serves your business. However, we will still tell you that before you get into any mobile application development deal, there are few things you should know:

Mobile app development

Types of apps

Native mobile apps:

This type of mobile applications is designed to be “native” to one specific operating system to optimize the user experience. This platform can be Apple iOS, Google’s Android, Windows Phone, or any other device’s operating system.

Technology: Native apps are built with coding using a variety of programming languages, such as: Python, Java, Objective-C, C++, Kotlin, Swift, and React.

Pros: The advantage of developing a native app is that it will operate more quickly and smoothly.

They are faster and more reliable in terms of performance.

Cons: They take double the time and increase the cost as you can’t mix and match, the app needs to be built for each required operating system.

Native mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps:

They can be installed on your mobile device like a native app, but you have to run them through a web browser. Hybrid apps can have a home screen app icon, and they might even be responsive, perform relatively fast, and function offline, but they are still web apps that are built to look and feel like native apps.

Technology: A mixture of web technologies and native APIs. Programming languages include: HTML5, Ionic, Swift, Objective C, and others.

Pros: Saves time, cost, and resources. Perfect for apps that deliver content. Loads rapidly, which is great for slower internet connections.

Cons: Lack of speed and power; a plus for native apps!

Web apps:

They are more of a native-like app that is accessed from a web browser using your mobile device.

You cannot download web apps; they are considered responsive websites that adapt to the device specifications to maximize customer experience.

Technology: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Ruby, and other programming languages used for web development.

Pros: Maximized user experience that is run smoothly and efficiently without having to download any app.

Saves cost and space.

Cons: Web apps depend on the browser used, which makes it challenging for some functionalities. You can’t work on them offline freely, even if they have an offline mode.

How much does building a mobile application cost?

It really depends on the business functionality. Some developers can offer you $5,000 while others might ask for $1 million!

But overall, the average cost can start from $10,000. Your real cost depends on the features, quality, performance, and a lot more. You need to be very specific when you contact an app developer (feel free to contact us!), and tell them exactly what you need. This will manage your expectations, and your budget!


Depending on the specifications of your app, building an app can take anywhere from 4 months to 12 months (this might change according to your requirements).

Regardless of what development type is being used, delivering high-quality applications that please and retain customers requires reliable back-end services, and an efficient front-end platform.

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