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Staying healthy is a task with having to choose between countless workout routines and diets that guarantee quick weight loss. At the beginning, you’re always in high spirits but soon the momentum fades away.

Your goal is to “stay healthy”. It is an ongoing process and not a one-time fix.

Setting up the Base

It is important to experiment with different routines and diets to find the one that works for you. You might prefer waking up early to go for a run, or you save it for the evening hours, or you might even prefer jogging for short intervals throughout the day. It is also important to dedicate time for grocery shopping and meal prepping.

Is it music that helps you through the exercises or do you like to read while you walk? The first few weeks as you leave your sedentary lifestyle and progress towards an active one, there will be discomfort and many hurdles.

There will be resistance between you and your goal to a healthy lifestyle. In those times, you must remind yourself why you started in the first place.

Consistency and Experiment

Being consistent is the only thing that matters. In any habit, the time you dedicate every single day counts.

Not: Walking every day.

Rather: Walking 10k steps every day.

These goals are attainable by the mere addition of number. As you work from home, these habits will grow into your daily routine.

Focusing too much on achieving the result will lead to burnout along the way. It is vital that you enjoy these times when you’re working out.

A small tip: Accompany the workout routines with an activity you enjoy. Read a book. Listen to your favorite Podcast or playlist. Watch a movie or a show. You should enjoy the process.

Healthy Routines

A routine is nothing but a bundle of habits. These habits can include waking up early and eating a healthy breakfast, going for a walk, and practising any form of self-care. As you work from home, you can have small breaks to stretch after every virtual meeting.

The only trick here is to not go overboard. Overcrowding the routine, setting many goals, and expecting a lot out of yourself will lead to stress.

You’re trying to set order to that chaos we all feel during this pandemic. Having no flexibility in your routines and doing 10 self-care things right in the morning is not the way to go.

Tip: Start with three. Three good habits you want to do in the morning. Maybe it’s just making coffee, stretching, and cleaning your place. You choose your tasks and no matter how small they seem; they will help you get energized for the day ahead.


The oldest advice is probably controlling what goes in.

A clear tip: Start from your grocery list.

Try to swap snacks with their healthier version. Go for roasted nuts, granola bars, fruits and vegetables instead of your potato crisps.

What you eat will have a direct effect on how you feel.

Try some new herbal teas such as hibiscus, lemon or make some smoothies instead of going straight for aerated drinks.

While you work from home— you need to make sure that you’re having a nutritious diet and enough water to keep you going.

Sleep Cycle

“The physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food or exercise.” ― Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams.

Your health is directly related to your sleep cycle. The only way to recharge your body is to rest, and that’s possible when you sleep for the required amount of time. Most of us are not giving our bodies proper sleep; it affects our productivity and health in the long run.

Few tips: In order to get better sleep:

  • Cut off caffeine at least 10 hours before your bedtime.
  • Do not use your phone or any screen an hour before bed.
  • Try light exercises before sleeping.
  • Use a diffuser or scented candles to induce sleep.

These tips are mere guidelines that act as the push we all need to start taking control of our bodies amidst this pandemic. There is no need for a whole lifestyle change, even a small change will be enough. All you need is the dedication to be consistent in one habit. That’s all.

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