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Have you ever imagined working in your comfortable pants, according to your own schedule and the timeline of your projects, and to top it all, from the comfort of your home or the beach? Yes, it sounds like a dream, but it’s not. Employees especially those who are in the creative field, seek a flexible environment for a more creative space and increased productivity. With putting in place the right communications tools, working remotely proved to defeat borders and the different time zones while achieving the best results, as it acts like an engaging platform for a worldwide collaboration to deliver high quality projects.

Take a look at the 6 reasons why working remotely is better than ever:

1. Cost effective.

You will notice the money saved from the smallest details to the big ones! You will no longer need to commute everyday to your office and different meetings locations, you don’t have to buy the fancy suits and polished shoes just for work purposes. You don’t have to worry about buying lunch during your break, when you can cook your fresh meal on spot if you choose to work from home. No more extra bills for rent and office costs, your space is your choice. Make sure you pay your internet bill though!

2. Your office, your kingdom.

Imagine working from anywhere in the world, literally anywhere! Work from home or at the beach, who cares? As long as you got the needed tools with you.

When your office becomes your kingdom, you will enjoy each project and work on it with passion, because you don’t want this heavenly life to end. Trust me!

3. You learn to be independent and responsible!

Working remotely means commitment, you learn to be responsible, and you will find yourself valuing time more than ever! And when you don’t have the HR team or the tech team looking over your shoulder, you will start developing skills to find your own answers to save time, and you’ll become more proactive in finding what you need on your own, whether you google it or read about it from a book in your own library.

You will learn to write clear concise emails to make sure you are not being misunderstood behind the walls. A skill that will help the world, not just you!

4. No more “a meeting that could have been an email”!

The more you work away from offices, the more you realize that calling for a meeting can’t be just whenever you want. You will respect the different time zones and the schedules of others, this will make you calculate your meeting calls.

And guess what? You will enjoy your meetings when you get to choose your favorite seat, without being thrown in those rigid conference rooms and having to worry about fixing the chair to support your back. No more back pains, woohoo!

5. No more office politics & gossip, you are in control!

Have you suffered from gossip at work, people lying about your work to jump off the ladder or to spread gossip about you trying to bring you down? Well, we have the good news; working remotely will definitely eliminate those negative talks and let you focus on work instead, and work alone. No more being thrown under the bus, or even being distracted by colleagues who stop by your office every minute for a small chat, you are in control. You will learn to stop all distractions even your own TV. You won’t worry about missing a show because everything is available online nowadays, so your working time is your WORKING time – for real.
You are in control of more than you can imagine, even your clients. If there is a certain client that you can’t work with for any professional reason, you may simply look away from working with them and focus on getting new clients.

6. Working without borders, without visas, and without coronavirus!

Have you ever had your visa rejected? Or been banned from traveling because of your nationality? Or a pandemic? Working remotely knows no borders, no matter what passport you carry, or what disease, if you are talented, committed and capable of getting the job done, then you are the perfect employee. We are all equal when it comes to remote work, no one is being treated based on their gender identity, sexuality, nationality, or even their health status. At work, you are what you create. Defeat all borders, hire a remote agency or look for opportunities to work remotely.

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