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It is a remote agency, in other words: you can work with them from anywhere at any time, do we need to say more? Alright here you go:

1. Access to international talent.

It is a challenge to find the right talent for each project, and this is where you really need to hire a remote agency. Remote agencies work with committed and talented individuals from around the world, this gives you access to talents who have been in the field for years, and they will be assigned by the agency as per the project requirements.

2. Better sleep, the remote agency will do the work.

While you really want to keep an eye on your business and its growth, sometimes it is good to take a break from some projects. Hire a remote agency, let them get some work done for you while you get some rest. Monitor, follow up, have the final say, but also have a break in between.

3. Increased productivity, remote agencies are creative problems

Hiring a remote agency means hiring a group of talents, they see your end goal from a different angle. That alone provides a variety of fresh perspectives, contributing to the growth of your business. Isn’t this what you need every now and then, fresh eyes?
The creative team will do whatever it takes to provide you with creative solutions, and solid answers to the problems and bugs that may pop up, and they will. Check out our creative solutions here.

4. Less office space, less bills.

Hiring a remote agency means hiring so many people at once, and not just any people, we are talking about talented, creative and focused people. This of course means reduced office space, reduced bills, and less wasted time. No more chitchats here and there, and just more focus on getting things done.
Not enough? Well, think of the months ahead, when your project is over but your office is full of unneeded staff, as a solution for such a future problem (can’t predict world economy but hey!), hire a remote agency based on your current needs. Use your money and time efficiently, and wisely.

5. It’s greener!

We all need to introduce greener strategies into our business operations. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by hiring a remote agency, which will create some positive environmental effects.

Research suggests the following annual savings if employees with remote-compatible jobs worked from home, even half the time:

  • $20 million in gas.
  • 119 billion miles of highway driving.
  • 640 million barrels of oil (at a saving of $64 billion).
  • 54 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (comparable to taking 10 million cars off the road).

6. Staying up to date, remote work is the forever new trend.

Telecommuting has grown 115% in the past decade, which means, remote work is only getting more popular.

Flexible hours are the preferred benefit for most employees, but do you really want to worry about getting that arranged for each employee according to their preferred timings? If you said no, then what you really need is a remote agency that understands your requirements. Let the agency hire remote freelancers, they will get the job done for you from anywhere in the world. You worry about the business, let the agency worry about the people.
There will come a day where remote agencies and freelancers will be the secret ingredient to the growth and success of your business, why wait? Hire Now!

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