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Content Marketing Strategies

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Implement a user-generated content strategy!
  • Embrace creative writing

Apart from the pandemic and the new lifestyle that came with it (ex: lockdown and study/work from home), if there was one thing that brought us all together in the last year, it was being glued to our TVs, either watching Netflix or Lesflicks.

We binge-watch our favorite shows while sipping on our favorite drink. However, these streaming platforms have evolved into more than just entertainment platforms; they have grown to become content marketing giants, and there are few lessons to be learned from these two.

Netflix and Lesflicks both did an excellent job with creating content that is relevant to their respective audiences – Netflix to an international generic audience and Lesflicks to an international LGBTQ+ audience.

While Netflix produces its own original content, Lesflicks not only generates original articles and reviews, but they have also managed to create a community for LGBTQ+ people where they can share their creative content, and talk about it at the Lesflicks Events Platform. Utilizing digital channels to reach their audience, Lesflicks connects with its viewers and subscribers on topics that are relevant.

So, let’s delve into the three major takeaways from Netflix and Lesflicks’ content marketing strategies that we should be paying attention to as content marketers and content agencies.

  • Make data-driven decisions

Netflix has been in business for nearly 24 years, during which time they have mined user data to create content that speaks to their target audience. They understood their audience by using data collected over time to create films, shows, and documentaries that are of interest to their subscribers.

Lesflicks has been around for almost two years, but they have used data from the LGBTQ+ community and the gap in the entertainment industry that has been collected for years. They not only stream short films, feature films, and documentaries that speak exclusively to the LGBTQ+ audience, but they also publish relatable articles and reviews to support LGBTQ+ creatives, as well as broadcasting live events, forming a community that goes beyond entertainment.

  • Implement a user-generated content strategy!

Using the first lesson (Data Driven Decisions), both streaming platforms were successful in providing a personalized user experience. Netflix and Lesflicks used the collected data and social media to figure out exactly what their audience likes, and then stream content accordingly.

They were able to provide the content that their viewers desired by incorporating humor into their posts, and asking direct questions on various social media channels.

  • Embrace creative writing

There is nothing we love more than creative writing, after all it is one of our core services at Allanzcom (check our content and digital solutions here). Netflix has incorporated creative writing not only in the creation of scripts, but also in the creation of witty and humorous pieces.

Lesflicks used creative writing in producing excellent online content and articles that are relevant to the community and the LGBTQ+ Film industry, creating a safe space for its audience who struggles to find this content on other platforms. Lesflicks recognized its community’s pain points, and went straight to work on healing them with an honest streaming approach, and a data-driven content marketing strategy.

These two massive streaming platforms are examples of how to use content marketing to propel a business forward; keep an eye on them and LEARN!

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